Threading a process for shaping eyebrows and removing facial hair, is now available at Hair Nova Salon in Lincoln.

Called "Band" in Persian and "Khite" in Arabic threading has a history that goes back more than 1000 years in Eastern cultures. It has been introduced in most of the larger North American cities as well as the smaller cities and towns. Hair Nova Salon was one of the first in Fredericton to provide this service. -> more .

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Located in Fredericton East, a city in central New Brunswick, Hair Nova Salon has served the immediate and surrounding areas for more than 15 years. Hair Nova Salon is part of a larger business enterprise including a modern convenience store, a do-it-yourself car wash, a restaurant and two apartments on site.

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Hair Nova Salon is a family place with a homey atmosphere and provides a large range of services to all. Services include trims, cuts, and colour for men and women.